Our Story

Fae Pari was born to outfit the modern woman with effortlessly chic and durable handbags, purses, and loungewear.

Each handbag is carefully designed using the finest and most eco-friendly materials. That way, a Fae Pari bag leaves lasting impressions on fashion and the environment. Understanding how pivotal a bag can be, Fae Pari gives women the chance to purchase quality handbags they will love and treasure for years to come.

And the same goes for Fae Pari’s loungewear line—clothes that bring comfort not only to its wearers but also to its creators. The harmonious synergy between founders, designers, and artisans ensured that our refreshing selections of loungewear sets are lovingly curated and made.

Flaunting prints and patterns inspired by the serene beauty of nature, each Fae Pari loungewear set blends comfort and elegance. Wear one and radically transform your otherwise lackluster outfit into something effortless, breathable, and restful. 

Our loungewear and handbags are not only chic and reasonably priced, but also timeless. A Fae Pari creation, whether it be a handbag or loungewear set, understands that what every modern woman needs are versatility and consistency. Versatile enough to smoothly transition from work to play and hard-wearing enough to consistently be there for the ever-evolving woman.